Hi, my name is Binta S. Yero, Owner/Manager of Yero Travels, LLC, an Elite Cruise Counsellor, Luxury Cruise & Destination Specialist. I will like to thank you for choosing and allowing us to help plan you cruise vacation and to remind you that you have made a wise choice of vacation. One of the most important things to adhere to especially on vacation, to make it memorable and stress free is safety and security. We therefore have some suggestions and my housekeeping notes to help make things easier.

Once again thank you and we look forward to being of great service to you again and would appreciate the referrals of your family and friends.



- We are generally careful, a little bit more when traveling with kids, and sometimes going the extra mile to practice safety drills with family members on actions to take when separated on a vacation. But when it comes to Cruising, people generally forget that a cruise ship is also a public place. I guess the idea of it being enclosed, with available security staff, cameras monitoring most areas and most activities, plus being at Sea with the unlikely chance of a child walking off or being kidnapped, makes many parents relax.

- Cruise ships are simply floating resorts, which means all safety rules applied on land vacations at a resort or hotel should be applicable there. Unfortunately many people let their guard down and some parents with younger kids let them roam alone, or let them return to the stateroom for forgotten items like Aqua shoes, get in the elevator or use a public restroom without an escort.

- Things happen everywhere, even on a ship and some of you might have read an unfortunate event or two that happened on some ships. You have no idea who your next door neighbor really is, or what that cheerful easy going guy sitting next to you at dinner does for a living. So always be aware of your surroundings, remember that you are still fully responsible for yourself and your family and if you have taken precious time off your busy schedule and paid thousands of dollars to enjoy a vacation together, then you should take the time to be there for each other.

- Partnering helps, older children can escort the younger ones and letting the underage kids understand why they should stay away from the bars, while reminding them to still avoid talking to strangers even when they look friendly.

- Use hand sanitizers you find around the ship and before entering the dining room, but always wash your hands every time you return to your stateroom.

- Every CLIA Member oceangoing cruise ship has at least one licensed physician and one registered nurse on board, with care available 24/7. For more information on how cruise ships are equipped for health, click the link below:

- Make use of your stateroom key to store all valuables including documents, passport, wallets, jewelry including phones.

- Remember that the workers on the ship are there for service and still strangers to you, and most earn a lower income which makes crime more tempting, not that they do, but leave your expensive stuff at home after all you are on vacation and also because crime of opportunity is the easiest of all temptations.

- But having said all that, we can safely add that Cruise Ships are Equipped for Security. See how and why: http://www.cruiseforward.org/wellbeing/security

- Finally before your next cruise vacation, talk to your family, do a different kind of safety drill for cruising and HAPPY SAILS!



***These house-keeping tips are put together as a way to make things easy for you and to help you save money which in the end will allow for a more relaxing and enjoyable cruise vacation.
1. Dressing and what to pack
There are two formal nights (except for 3-6 Night Itineraries), and the first one is called the Captain's night. The dress code for both is formal, which can be traditional, other than that, the code is Resort Casual. Except on Norwegian Cruise Lines, which is Free Style Cruising or Resort Casual without formal nights. Buy and pack a swimming suit/trunk and you can bring your gym outfit & sneakers if you wish, because the ships have full service gyms and jogging trails, so you can continue your health routine onboard.
Review Onboard Dress Code link below: 
2.  Arriving at Port, you will see the Porters or Bell Boys collecting luggage from other cruisers. Ask any of them for luggage tags, write your name and stateroom number, tag your luggage before handing it to them. It is not compulsory to tip them, but it is highly recommended.
3. You will need your passport and the Cruise edocs for boarding. Cruise edocs with your gift bags will given or be mailed to you if you are in the continental United States, except if you are in a group-cruise with one of our Agents, then your cruise edocs and gift bags will be delivered to you personally at the pre-cruise hotel. Those outside United States will be directed on how to download your cruise edocs by your booking Agent.
4. At check-in, a picture of you will be taken for secure identification, then a room key would be issued to you, which will have your name, the name of your dining restaurant and an alphabet letter indicating your emergency station (Muster Station).
5. A Credit Card or cash deposit to hold on your room key will be required, because cash or credit cards are not used on the ship. You will use your room key for purchases on the ship. You can always check your balance from the TV in your room or at Guest Relations. Just click account on your TV. If your room key is missing, do not panic but immediately go to Guests Relations and they will cancel the old one and reissue a new one. Check your account after that.
6. As soon as you board, your vacation begins, go around the ship to explore, familiarize yourself with the various amenities, and you are allowed to go up to the buffet or any other restaurant appointed for lunch on that day, where embarkation lunch is served.
7. Muster Drill, a security drill in case of emergency evacuation is compulsory, and will take place before the ship departs. There will be an announcement and a loud sound, for everyone to report to their Muster Station. The Letter to your muster station will be on your room key and the ship staff will be out there in the hallways and by the stairs & elevators guiding everyone accordingly. This is where you will learn about security, how to use life jackets and what to do in case of a real emergency. Your room key card will be swiped, as evidence of attendance or they might just check your name on their list. PLEASE SHOW UP, BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T AFTER THE MUSTER DRILL, BY LAW THEY CAN CANCEL YOUR CRUISE WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT AND ESCORT YOU OFF THE SHIP WITHOUT REFUND.
8. There is a daily cruise onboard news/program paper with ship news and activities delivered to your room daily, which allows you to know what is happening onboard the ship including all activities, shows and entertainment.
9. You will have a room steward who will clean your room twice, changing towels, in the morning and turn down your sheets at night, those in Suites will also have Concierge/butler service too.
10. If sailing on Celebrity ships and in Aqua Class Staterooms, you will have FREE access to the Persian Garden in the SPA which normally has a fee and also FREE dining, Breakfast & Dinner if you wish at BLU a specialty restaurant reserved for Aqua Class Guests. The SPA Concierge in your rooms can help with SPA reservations. Those on Norwegian ships and in SPA Staterooms or Suites will have FREE access to the relaxation room.
11. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING FROM THE REFRIGERATORS in your Staterooms, they will charge you and in fact you don't need those, because there is food everywhere and at all times including dessert and snacks which you can grab anytime or order through room service.
12. Each cruise ship has an open buffet, so apart from your assigned main dining room, you can dine at the buffet which is opened breakfast, lunch and dinner, and part of your cruise package. Tea and Juices at the fountain in the buffet area are free. All food at the main dining restaurant is all you can eat and all-inclusive, which means if they give you the menu and you want the steak, salmon and chicken, you can order all, in fact you can order anything and everything on your menu except anything with a price as in some menu's of some cruise ships. On lobster night if you want three, just let your waiter know, so they have the three on your plate. Regular tea and coffee at the main dining are included in your package, except premium coffee.
Review Dining link below: 


13. Alcoholic drinks, premium juices, soda's, bottled water, smoothies are not included in your cruise package, so you will be asked for your room key card to pay. Try the smoothies, they are delicious!!! To be safe if you want something and you are not sure, just ask. Beverage Packages are available for purchase, you can do so on the first day you board, you will see them all around and at the entrance of the buffet restaurant.
14. For groups, there would be programs you will do together, especially excursions at Ports, other wise please explore the ship on your own, have fun, take part in various activities, after all its your vacation, so ENJOY IT!  
15. Room service is at no charge but after 12:00 midnight-5:00 am there is a minimal fee under $5.00 on most ships, except on the luxury ships. The menu for room service is limited, except in Suites, you have full dining menus.
16. You can buy bottled water and can soda from the Islands to bring on the ship and to avoid the more expensive ones onboard. Alcoholic drinks will be taken from you, ask your booking Agent for full details.
17.  Internet (Wifi) is not included. You have to buy a package, which can be very expensive and sometimes slow. Unless you need it, forget it and enjoy your vacation. You may also go to the Internet café onboard the ship to check email or other stuff but you can use your laptops/tablets in your room after purchasing an internet package.
18. Unless in an EXTREME EMERGENCY, please turn off your phones, the charges are huge, you might end up with a bill of almost or more than $1000.00 depending on your carrier. We are not kidding!!! If you have airplane mode and have to access your phone, use the airplane mode instead of turning off, just make sure it’s not roaming. Those with kids, make sure their phones are turned off, so you do not incur charges. It is not international roaming, it is using the ship towers, which is why it is very expensive and your carriers will charge you more. Using your phones at the various Ports, is regular international roaming & charges.
19. Use your stateroom safe for all your valuables including, wallets and passports since you will not need them onboard. Do not leave jewelry on the table or laying around, secure them.
20. You might have heard news that a guest fell off a cruise ship. FACT, no one falls off a ship unless they want to or someone wants them overboard. When you board, go around, you will not only see but understand this fact.
21. First time cruisers, when the ship departs and you start feeling nauseous, dizzy and sick to your stomach, take some ginger ale and lay down, if it continues, it means you are seasick, do not panic but go to Guest Relations and ask for Seasick medication. They should give you a couple of those and you take one daily. If you feel really bad, go to your room, lay down and it will pass over since you have taken the medication. If they give you just two or three, take it and go back the next day for more. If any of our Agents are onboard the ship, we will take care of you. The next time you cruise, buy some for yourself at any pharmacy.
22. We recommend that you do not book your SPA before you board, there are some great sales onboard. Go to the SPA to see all the specials they have and you can make reservations there. You will get more for your money. The SPA on each ship is well equipped and has all the different treatments, But the SPA on Celebrity Ships are part of the Canyon Ranch Spaclub, which means one of the best. Oprah & other Hollywood Stars have made visits to the one in Arizona. So if you are on a Celebrity ship, you get to experience the one onboard the ship! You can request for a Canyon Ranch SPA PDF document to be emailed to you if applicable. Also if you are ever on Diamond Princess, visit the IZUMI Japanese Bath, it is an authentic Japanese bath, and book a full body massage with hot stone treatment at the SPA, divine!
23. The ships have an Adult-only area, a Solarium or Sanctuary, which is beautiful and quiet. To avoid the crowd you can go there, it has a pool & hot tub to relax in.
24. We recommend you use the pool towels from your room and return them to the room, it’s easier. If you leave them outside, you will be charged $25. Use them for the beach on the Islands but remember to return them to your room for the room steward to pick up for washing while he provides fresh ones.
25. 12-Healthy reasons to take a Cruise vacation: A documented research, click the link below: