Fitness @Sea

Ship-Shape Ways To Stay Fit During Your Cruise Vacation

If you’re wondering if there’s any possible way to stay fit while cruising the world. Well, worry no more. There is hope. We’ve compiled a list of several ways that will help you escape the bulge on your next cruise vacation. Your waistline will thank you!

Amazing Onboard Fitness Center:  There is a fitness center/Gym, located within each cruise ship that is fully equipped with elliptical machines, treadmills, cycling boke, free weights and more. Plus, with a "Power Walking Track" that in some cases hugs the entire ship, there's something for everyone...with incredible views to match. There are also aerobics rooms for group classes like Zumba and Yoga, educational seminar series etc. Available are personal trainers and training sessions offered on board, so you can enjoy a customized and one-on-one experience, just like at home.

Special Dietary Dining Options:  Executive Chefs on board are trained to tailor their culinary crafts to guests that either have allergies/intolerances, who are gluten-free, who are vegetarians/vegans or who just want healthier options. With a great variety in both the restaurants and the buffet area, there is a lot of healthy choices for you with out going over your health code. It is also easy to request any special dietary need at booking time or once you arrive on board.

Cycling & Aqua Cycling At Sea:  There are cruise lines like Norwegian that offer cycling classes in their gyms or you can go freestyle on your own. When was the last time you took a cycling class underwater? Well, MSC Cruises offer that onboard some of their ships. Imagine the same benefits of indoor cycling but instead with a stationary Hydrorider bike smack-dab in the middle of an infinity pool, awesome!

Stay Clear of Elevators:  From the long hallways, spacious common areas, the panoramic "Power Walking Track" and of course the staircase for each deck, most ships make staying fit on board pretty easy. All you have to do is take more steps, burning calories as you go, taking a nice stroll after dinner on the upper deck that is open to ocean breeze or along the shops, instead of sitting down, could really make a difference. Of course, if you have any physical or medical concerns, you should definitely consult your physician before embarking on an elevator & escalator-free journey onboard.

Active & Adventurous Shore Excursions:  There are so many itineraries that offer adventurous shore excursions. A few examples are Costa Maya, Mexico, you can climb the same trail once ventured by 3rd century Mayans with a hike through the Kohunlich ruins. In Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands, you can kayak, hike and snorkel your way around the tiny islet of Cas Cay, just off the south-eastern shore of St. Thomas all in one excursion. You can zip-line & bobsled in Jamaica or climb the famous Dunns River Falls. Zip-line across the ocean in Labadee, Haiti. You name it, there’s an excursion that will surely keep you active during your cruise vacation.

Sports:  There are so many ships with sports complex onboard and some actually bigger than most you find on land. Obstacle course, sky jumpers, rock climbing walls, mini- golf, full basket ball courts (some ships hold competitions), water volleyball, ice skating rink, boxing ring and bowling, just  to mention but a few. So unless you really have to sit, if you are an active person, there is something interesting for you onboard to help with your health program.

Dancing:  One of the best ways to stay in shape is dancing. Enjoy the music and at the same time keep your weight in check. All ships have disco rooms with a great variety of music, so you can dance the night away before going to bed. Some offer dancing classes like Latin dance class, dancing competition and in this case you don't have to be a pro, just enjoy it for the fun and in the process get a good exercise.

Keep close to your home schedule: As hard as it may be, the best thing that will work for you, is to keep close to your home schedule, when it comes to food consumption/choices, waking up early for an exercise routine or a morning run and just remain active or close to that.

Finally: Always ask your booking Agent about the ship you are going on and familiarize yourself with all the activities onboard so you can map out a schedule with your other programs before your vacation.